Charles “Chuck” Taylor

Charles ?Chuck? Taylor is undoubtedly most famous for his signature shoe, the Chuck Taylor All Star by Converse. However not too many people know about the man behind the shoe. Chuck Taylor was born in 1901 in Columbus, IN, where he was a high school basketball star. He would later play professional basketball for a few different teams around the nation, before the NBA was established. Chuck chose the Converse All Star as his basketball shoe, and ended up working for the Converse management team in 1921. Chuck Taylor?s input on the All Star led to a few altercations, which greatly improved the shoe for basketball play. In 1923, Chuck?s signature was placed on the side of the shoe, and was now dubbed the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor. Although the Chuck Taylor is not used for basketball play today, it is the number one selling shoe of all time, and its popularity has expanded in many different cultures.

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor