Celebrating Earth Day: If Al Gore Was A Sneakerhead

Apr 22, 2013 | Matt Halfhill |



Today’s the day America celebrates Mother Earth. While we all strive to take better care of our planet, it’s also an opportunity for us as sneakerheads to reduce our carbon footprint. With politician and planet preserver Al Gore in mind, we take a look at a list of ways we can better reduce, reuse, and recycle when copping kicks on Earth Day and beyond.


Eco-friendly Nike Hyperdunk Low “Trash Talk”

Buy Green: No, Snoop, not that stuff – buy green shoes. A handful of brands offer environmentally sound sneakers using everything from organic cotton to recycled materials to glueless construction. Do your part and wear kicks that leave a smaller footprint.

Shop locally: We are all guilty of driving miles and miles to cop limited kicks at some point or another, but next time you are grabbing general release kicks, stick to your local boutique or Foot Locker store, and keep your ride off the road.

Carpool: You have real life friends right? Camp out as a crew and roll up together in your hippie aunt’s Prius. No need for all five of you to drive your own cars to the mall with four empty seats.

Go paperless: Let’s face it, you have NEVER ordered even a pair of socks from that catalog that comes in the mail. You probably are only buying kicks that drop and sell out the same day, so what’s the point of wasting all that paper? If you are onto the newest kicks before they can hit the printing press, rely on Nice Kicks for eye candy. Al Gore invented the internet for a reason…


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