Hidden Hoops: A History of “Camo” Basketball Kicks

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The “Fireberry” and “Atomic Green” Nike Air Max Hyperposites debuted in stores today; however, the “Camo” Hyperposite, which surfaced at the top of the week, garnered more interest than any Hyperosite we’ve come across. Camouflage has been a part of countless trends over the years, covering shorts, pants, hats, and most of all, basketball sneakers. To coincide with the “Camo” Hyperposite’s surfacing, we have compiled an awesome list of limited edition camo-printed basketball shoes. Were you able to get your hands on any of these?


Nike Air Max Hyperposite “Camo”

The Hyperposite has been causing quite a buzz with its first few colorways that released today. Now, with a camouflage makeup recently unveiled, the ruling has been made and it seems as if these will be highly sought after when they release later this year.

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