Brett Drake Puts Wyoming on the map with his Small Town Sneakerhead Story

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The definition of a sneakerhead has evolved over the years. While the community aspect is still a priority, a sneakerhead can look different depending on where you’re from, especially when it comes to purchasing your kicks. Brett Drake, from Wyoming, walks us through what it’s like to be a Small Town Sneakerhead.

Drake, a civil engineer from Cheyenne, discusses what makes his city so special and the blessing that is being one of the only sneakerheads in the city. Drake gives us a look at his expansive collection and gives us a breakdown of his fashion choices that accompany his sneakers.

Learn more about Brett Drake and his Small Town Sneakerhead story below. Be sure to check out Hibbett Sports to stay on top of the must-have releases all-year-round — no matter where you live.

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