Bots Take Quick Action Against The New Travis Scott x fragment x Air Jordan 1

The Travis Scott x fragment x Air Jordan 1 is every sneakerhead’s dream collaboration, combining the talents of hip-hop’s iconic rager and the input of legendary designer Hiroshi Fujiwara. On July 28, hopeful fans had the chance to enter a raffle in attempts to purchase the sneaker grail. Unfortunately for those attempting to cop manually, two people used bots to create thousands of raffle entries and purchase a large amount of the supply.

According to multiple sources, two shoppers used bots to create 32000 and 25000 raffle entries. Among these entries, both secured over 100+ pairs of the coveted sneaker. The hit-rate on any Travis Scott sneaker is low, but such actions have displayed how limited the production was, how bots have lowered manual cop rates to near 0%, and the deficiencies of online raffles.

Going forward, it’ll be interesting to see how the Travis Scott x fragment x Air Jordan 1 Low is released.

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