What Fans Wore at Rolling Loud Los Angeles 2018

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Handpicked styles from the Rolling Loud GA & VIP guests.

On December 14 – 15, Rolling Loud brought the biggest hip-hop festival in the world to Los Angeles’ Exposition Park. This is the heavyweight promoter’s second go at hosting the event in the Los Angeles area, last time utilizing San Bernardino’s Nos Events Center.

The high profile festival maintained its sold-out reputation, packing guests from gate to gate for a two-stage, +90 artist experience.

It would appear that fans knew what they were getting into, as there seemed to be a fine line separating the styles of GA and VIP attendees. Many GA guests preferred a minimalistic style with “shoes that can last” — a proactive response to the infamous Rolling Loud moshpits. Conversely, the majority of the VIP attendees came to see and be seen; from invited guests to ticket buyers of the flyest ‘fits.

As Rolling Loud continues to prepare their five year anniversary event in Miami, Florida, take a look at the styles in the crowd from Rolling Loud Los Angeles below and be sure to keep an eye out for next year’s festival announcement.

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“DJ Lechero”

He’s actually on the Power 106 morning show

Good to finally know who took my job

“Fenty Girl”

Burgundy suede shoes are tad hard to mach with

Unless you own a burgundy suede hoodie, that is

“4 for 2”

The furs are what caught our attention

As a squad, 10/10 for individual drop (and mosh-ready shoes)


Highlighter colors are out.

2019 we are the highlighters

“Hood Favorite”

It’s only a sweatsuit drip if your SO has one too

Bravo invisible man


Color coordination is key

But don’t take it from me

“The Europeans”

Simplify the drip

Ready for anything, but obviously VIP


Simple but effective

10/10. Bravo.

“Poster Boys”

Nothing says “it’s Christmas time”

like an all orange Supreme fur jacket

“Green Top”

In all seriousness…

They didn’t have to go this hard

“Classic Man”

Class major

VIP drip is in a class of its own

“The Muse”

Sometimes you’re ready for everything

Sometimes everything is ready for you (mosh-ready shoes)

“The Homie”

We told him, “this is your picture, so pose how you want to”

He then set his backpack down and pulled out a Grey Goose bottle. Timeless

“These Old Things?”

He’s actually toning it down today

This outfit is apparently a personal worst

Special thanks to Audible Treats & Rolling Loud Properties.

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