Authentic Bape Shoes

Today, it is nearly impossible to find a pair of Authentic Bape shoes online. There are tons of “kicks” sites out there who will offer you the latest exclusive Bathing Ape shoes for $55, but they are probably not Authentic Bape shoes. Authentic Bape shoes cost much more for starters. To get a pair of Authentic Bape shoes in store would set you back at least $200, plus anyone who gets a pair in store is incredibly lucky since the Bathing Apes are very limited.

Check out for the latest Authentic Bape shoes. Bathing Ape stores are your safest bet for the latest Bathing Apes, but as you may know, there is only 1 Bathing Ape shop in the US as of today with a 2nd one in LA opening soon.

The safest place to get a pair of Authentic Bape shoes is from the one and only Here you will find at least 50 different styles of authentic Bathing Ape shoes.

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