Ask a Sneakerhead: Vinny Cha$e

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Jumping back into the world of music, Ask a Sneakerhead is back to serve up yet another interview with a new special guest. For this week’s installment, AASH caught up with Harlem’s very own Vinny Cha$e. Embodying the fashion-savvy bravado of his hometown, the Cheer$ Club general is not only a purveyor of luxury but of sneakers as well. Effortlessly mixing style with his unique lyrical prowess, Vinny continues to leave his mark in the flyest way possible. Read on after the jump to check out both the entire interview along with some of the artwork to some of Vinny’s projects. To stay in tune with what he has going on, be sure to follow Vinny on IG and make sure you check back with Nice Kicks next week for the next installment of Ask a Sneakerhead.

Nice Kicks: A connoisseur of luxury and high fashion, what does a fresh pair of kicks mean to you?

Vinny Cha$e: To me, a fresh pair a kicks is something classic and sometimes but not always rare. It depends on how a person feels that day. Certain days calls for a certain sneaker. It’s fresh because of the way you put the sneaker together with an outfit. Sometimes you can wear some dope kicks with a wack outfit and I feel like that makes your kicks look weak.

Nice Kicks: How would you describe the style in Harlem? How is it different than all the other boroughs?

Vinny Cha$e: Style in Harlem is definitely unique because people aren’t afraid to try new things and when you try new things that ends up being dope, it becomes a trend. So I think that has a big part to do with Harlem’s unique look and perspective on things concerning fashion and culture.

Nice Kicks: What advice do you have for artists on the come up?

Vinny Cha$e: My advice to artists coming up is to have your own team that you trust. Spend money on your craft because people seem to forget this is the music business not just music. Trust me, you’ll get it all back 10000 times over. A label deal shouldn’t be your goal in today’s world because you can access the consumer directly. So my advice would be to be as consistent as possible and take advantage of the Internet. The world is yours. CHEER$

Ask a Sneakerhead Vinny Cha$e Ask a Sneakerhead Vinny Cha$e Ask a Sneakerhead Vinny Cha$e Ask a Sneakerhead Vinny Cha$e

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