Ask a Sneakerhead: Nick Annacone of KITH

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Still going strong, Ask a Sneakerhead is back with a brand new installment. This time around, we shift our focus to world renown NY-based retailer KITH. Catching up with the retailer’s Chief of Operations, Nick Annacone, Ask a Sneakerhead not only inquires about how the growth has helped the brand but how KITH continues to remain relevant in the face of an ever-changing culture. Check out everything Nick had to say after the jump and be sure to stay tuned to Nice Kicks to see who will be next week’s featured guest.

Nice Kicks: Continuing to expand its reach, both in the States and abroad, how has this growth added to KITH‘s profile?

Nick Annacone: First, it’s amazing to see the growth, how exponential it’s been in recent years. I have friends and family that have been traveling to all these countries in Europe, Asia, and even South America that send me photos of people in KITH hats or RF-designed sneakers. It’s really crazy to see the reach that we have now. The exposure is great and that’s where it all stems from. All it takes is one person to wear something, one person to recognize it, and we gain a customer.

Nice Kicks: With the culture continuing to evolve, how does KITH continue to remain relevant and stay in tune with the changes?

Nick Annacone: We are continually trying to push the envelope, trying to create new things, and innovate. There are so many brands nowadays and a lot are making similar products. For us it’s crucial that we continue to make product that we like/wear and product that is different. We want to create the change, not see it and emulate it. We want to distinguish what is “cool.”

Nice Kicks: Seeing as how KITH is globally recognized, do you have any advice for the upstart labels and brands out there looking to grow?

Nick Annacone: I think the best advice is to stay true to what you do, what you like. I think a lot of people see trends and immediately hop on board. Pick a lane, stay in it and make things that make you happy. You’ll never be successful if you’re not 110% invested in what you do. Also, your team is the most important thing. Nobody can do it alone. Your team has to hold you down. I think that’s what differentiates KITH from everyone else. There are no secrets or shortcuts, do what you love, work hard, and be good to your team. As RF used to tell me, “you can’t get from A to Z without the alphabet.”

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