ANTA’s KT5 “Nijigen” Pack References Artist Joshua Vides

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Chinese sneaker brand ANTA looks to have taken inspiration from Joshua Vides, seeing as its upcoming KT5 “Nijigen” Pack features similar design work featured prominently by the artist.

The forthcoming ANTA KT5 “Nijigen” Pack, the Japanese word for “Two Dimensions,” features Klay Thompson’s signature sneaker in both a high and low-top iteration. Each pair comes with a mismatching black and white base sneaker, which are then outlined in thick contrasting outlines creating a 2D optical illusion.

Just like most ANTA releases, it’s unlikely that the ANTA KT5 “Nijigen” Pack will land in stateside, so you’ll have to try your luck on sites such as StockX and eBay.

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ANTA KT5 “Nijigen” Pack
Release Date: TBC
Price: TBC
ANTA KT5 “Nijigen” Pack
ANTA KT5 “Nijigen” Pack
ANTA KT5 “Nijigen” Pack

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