Andriod Users Experiencing Technical Malfunctions with Nike’s Adapt BB

Following the much-anticipated release of Nike’s second-generation self-lacing sneaker, the Adapt BB, Android users of the adaptable smart sneaker are experiencing technical difficulties given a bad Android update a short time after the shoe released.

The new Android patch has been largely problematic for many users who claim that either their left or right shoe will no longer function through the Nike App. By in large, these users are unable to tighten the $350 auto-lacing sneaker, therefore, defeating its primary purpose as they’re unable to properly use its central feature.

Nike Adapt BB
Nike Adapt BB

Much of this malfunction is said to be linked to an apparent software patch that was built into the shoe in its early stages. So, when the Android update took place, a misfire was triggered.

However, not every pair of Adapt BB’s owned by Android users are problematic. Yet many of the sneakers were shipped before the latest software update was installed. It’s likely those are the pairs with functionality issues.

Some users have gotten the shoes to work properly after a hard reset. Others haven’t been so lucky. A few Android users expressed through multiple forums that they have not been able to use the buttons on the lateral side to tighten them. It’s clear in those instances that the Android update shut some of the shoes down completely.

When Nike unveiled the shoe back in November all of its demonstrates were done with iOS. They did, however, promise that full Android capabilities would be available. Which they are. But unlike iOS users who have largely been incident free, Android operates, even those unaffected by the update, have had complaints with the Adapt BB’s operational capacity.