Anderson Bluu Releases Exclusive NFT Project Titled “Sneaker Transformation Series”

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There’s no stopping the blockchain as NFTs are flooding the OpenSea. One of the latest NFT projects comes by way of Anderson Bluu, a self-taught graphic designer and founder of Bluu Dreams Creative Agency. Bluu’s “Sneaker Transformation Series” is a collection of limited edition NFTs inspired by some of the most popular sneakers on the market.

To create the series, Bluu selected his favorite sneakers and transformed them into digital characters such as a snake, wolf, lobsters, and more. Each design is a one-of-one NFT hand-drawn by Bluu himself. Sneakers like the Gundam Banshee, Gundam Unicorn, Yellow Lobster SB, Blue Lobster SB, Diamond Panther, Black Warhawk, AJ4 Coyote, and Black Mamba Grinch inspired Bluu to create the unique NFTs.

“NFTs and blockchains open up a new possibility for sneaker and art enthusiasts. My goal is to bring sneaker culture to the metaverse. I also want to allow more people who were not able to purchase my physical artwork get the opportunity to do so,” says Anderson Bluu.

Each design is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and are priced individually at 0.09 ETH, approximately $300 USD. Some of the designs currently resell on OpenSea for an upwards of 25 ETH, approximately $78,000 USD.

NFT collectors purchasing Anderson Bluu’s “Sneaker Transformation Series” can expect to receive free airdrops of exclusive artwork and early access to future NFT collections. Be sure to follow Anderson Bluu on his Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date with upcoming NFT drops. In the meantime, check out his OpenSea page to see what’s available now.

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