An Inside Look at the Evolving World of Sneaker Reselling

Jan 29, 2019 | Darren Griffin |



While brands and commerce that revolve around their products have steered sneaker culture for years, in the last half decade, another model is quickly becoming almost equally important: reselling.

Playing a wildly central role in modern-day sneaker culture, buying and subsequently reselling sneakers is an industry all its own. It’s proven hugely success from varying points of origin. There are numerous online platforms, retailers and now it’s even breaking into the world of athletic endorsements. Resell culture, essentially, is sneaker culture, and only now hitting its stride.

Future of Sneaker Reselling

Highsnobiety recently reported on the future of reselling as they see it, exploring new technologies, equity investments that will provide greater resources and brand mergers that will expand the sub-culture’s reach even further.

The reporting speaks to not only these industry shifting trends but verbally speaks to its trendsetters. Learn more about the future of this billion-dollar industry at Highsnobiety here.