NBA All-Star Diaries (1980s): George Gervin Explains Evolution of Nike Blazer & Current Sneaker Rotation

The Iceman is Nike Basketball’s trailblazer in a pair of Blazers.

Long before the Nike Blazer was seen in the streets donning flower print uppers, perforated Nike Swooshes and/or velcro straps, it was first spotted on the ABA courts by way of Hall of Famer?George Gervin’s feet. 40 years ago, Nike presented Gervin with the Nike Blazer, a shoe that is considered the alpha of Nike Basketball’s amazing, ongoing legacy.

As the 1980s installment of our All-Star Diaries series, George Gervin discusses the evolution of the Nike Blazer, having one of the first, true player exclusives and a look inside his sneaker rotation.

Nike Blazer

George Gervin: “I still wear the Blazer from time to time. It will always be in my rotation because I’m greatly associated with that shoe. I love it. It’s kind of hard to wear me though. I’m not that vain.”

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