All-Rookie Team: Top 18 New Models of 2010

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Cool Greys caused campouts, collabs killed, but it was new models that changed the game in 2010. The past year saw more competition among brands with the emergence of new challengers and company revivals. Technology pushed performance making sneakerheads consider cushioning over colorway for the first time in ages. Was 2010 the sign of a new golden era? A change of the guard? We think so, but decide for yourself by looking at our top 18 new silhouettes of the past year.

**Note** This list only includes sneaker MODELS that were new to 2010. All retro product and new colorways were disregarded.

Nike Zoom Huarache Trainer

2004 saw the Huarache revival in basketball, but this year we saw it happen with training. An aggressive design managed to look futuristic and retro at the same time to all while holding up on the feet of the NFL’s top athletes.

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