Alife Streetwear OG Shares Untold Stories on UPROXX’s Show ‘The Masters’

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UPROXX’s new show ‘The Masters’ chronicles the important individuals at the dawn of sneaker, streetwear, hip-hop, and graffiti culture. The show is hosted by Eli Morgan Gesner whose career includes co-founding breakthrough 90s brands Phat Farm and Zoo York. In the latest episode, Eli sits with ALIFE of Rob Cristofaro, tag Rob 1970, to talk shop and get some untold stories from the source.

The video delivers 26 minutes of great knowledge of the early days of sneakers in NYC and the start of ALIFE, but about 10 minutes into the video there is an untold story that will likely have heads digging through their stashes to see if they have a very rare pair.

“The first Nike Air Woven sneakers… in America have all got messages from ESPO… If you have the first Nike Air Wovens you can take the insoles out, and you will find some shit.”

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