The Nike-Inspired “AIR” Movie Trailer Finally Releases

Warner Bros. gets ready to retell the story of a lifetime as the studio releases the official trailer for AIR. Based on a true story, the dramatized biopic immortalizes one of the most historic moments in sneakers and sports — Nike signing Michael Jordan.

The movie was first announced last Spring with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as the leads. Affleck is cast as Nike co-founder Phil Knight and Damon will be playing Sonny Vaccaro, the Nike executive that led the MJ partnership.

Of course we all know what happened after Nike signed Michael Jordan, but AIR aims to detail the moments leading up to the legendary move that forever changed sneakers and sportswear. At the time, Nike was still a growing company and nowhere near the global icon that we know today.

It seems that Michael Jordan himself won’t be making an appearance, but the cast list is still stacked with all-stars like Chris Tucker, Jason Bateman, Marlon Wayans, and Viola Davis.

Look for AIR to release in theaters on April 5th, 2023. Take a look at the movie trailer below and follow @NiceKicks on Instagram.

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