Air Jordan Sneakers

It would be impossible to make a list of the greatest sneakers and leave off the Air Jordan sneakers. Air Jordan sneakers were in fact voted as the champion in the ESPN sneaker challenger. Air Jordan XI was the winner of the tournament.

Air Jordan sneakers vary in all sorts of styles, shapes, and colors. One thing that all Air Jordan sneakers have on their resume is that they were cutting edge in terms of design and technology compared to all sneakers at the time of their release.

All of the Air Jordan sneakers have Nike Air in the shoes. The first Jordan sneakers had an air sole in the heel and the eighteenth Air Jordan sneakers featured full length zoom air. Take a browse through to see all of the Air Jordan sneakers from the past, present, and future.

Air Jordan sneakers have increased in prices quite dramatically since their first release. In 1985 when the first Air Jordan sneakers dropped, they were only $65 as opposed to the latest Air Jordan sneakers priced at a heavy $180! The most expensive Air Jordan sneakers were the Air Jordan 17s when they rang in at $200! Jordan sneakers set back the bank a whole lot more than most other sneakers.

It is almost impossible for any person living in this last 20 years to not know anything about the legacy of the Air Jordan sneakers. Out of all the shoes brands out there, it is evident that this one is far superior than all otheres. Air Jordan sneakers have become a must have by all genres of people. No matter the culture, race, or background; New Retro Air Jordan sneakers have definately marked its territory in the fashion industry. Believe it or not, but these Nike Air Jordans are of great demand to collectors around the entire globe. Just about every major country has its Jordan sneaker finatics. Usualy what is on the mind of shoe collectors is, “when is the next pair of New Air Jordans going to be released and where?”

The Air Jordan sneakers are a very popular search term on Google too. In fact, Air Jordan sneakers exceed the searches for the country of Jordan.