Air Jordan 4 Military Blue

The Military Blue Air Jordan IV has been on the Holy Grail list of many collectors over the years. The Air Jordan IV was, and is still, a very popular model of the Air Jordans. Though Michael Jordan never wore the Military Blue Jordan IV on the court, they are on of the most sought after pairs of Jordans ever. Since the Military Blue Air Jordan IV’s have not been released since the summer of 1989, finding a pair is next to impossible and you can only imagine how hard it is to find a deadstock pair.

It seems like every other month there were posts on sneakerhead message boards talking about the rumors of the second coming of the Jordan 4 Military Blue. Nike gave Jordan collectors a good taste of the Air Jordan 4’s in 1999 when they brought back the shoes 10 years after their initial release. Many were hoping to see the Military Blues then, but unfortunately for many that did not happen. Now, 17 years after the initial release of the Jordan 4 Military Blue’s, they will be coming back.

In 2005, Jordan released the Jordan 4 Fire Red’s which are another classic favorite of the Air Jordan line. When the news broke, immediately collectors were wondering if the Military Blue Jordan 4’s would be coming back too. Jordan released more and more Jordan 4’s in the year following the Laser Fire Red Jordan 4 and thankfully, the Military Blue Jordan 4’s are included in that list!

The retro Jordan IV Military Blue is very similar to the original. In fact, the only difference is that where the “Nike Air” logo was on the original Military Blues, the Jumpman logo is now in its place. The first samples of the Military Blue Jordan IV (as well as the Fire Red) had suede “wings.” The “wings” on the Jordan IV are the pieces that hold the upper lace loops. On the original Jordan IV the “wings” were made of TPU (plastic). The past retro Jordan IVs have had either leather or suede “wings” which was not to the appeal of collectors. Thankfully, its appears Nike/Jordan Brand read the message boards and realized the overwhelming demand for ones with plastic “wings.”

The release of the Military Blue Jordan 4 will be one of the biggest yet. Among the lucky few collectors who actually own a pair of the original Military Blue Jordan 4’s, the most they have gotten to appreciate the shoes is by looking at them or showing them to their friends. There are less than a handful of wearable original pairs due to the age of the midsoles. This will be a huge day when they release.

Release Date: 9/09/2006
Price: $115
Produce Code: 308497-141
Color: White/Military Blue-Neutral Grey
Availability: General Release
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