Air Jordan 13 Retro vs. OG Comparison

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The countdown is on until the release of the first of eleven Countdown Packages. The Jordan 13 is half of the first set, but as usual, we needed to have a closer look and comparison to the original. Overall the shoes are the closest to the original Air Jordans we have ever compared. Colors vary ever so slightly and only a couple of stitching patterns separate the the original and the remake.

The first Countdown Package release in just a little more than a week on January 19th. The price for the set is $310, but given the limited numbers, don’t expect reseller or eBay prices to be anywhere close to that.

Product Code:
Release Date:
Air Jordan 13
Limited Release
$310 (countdown pack)
White/Black-True Red
Jordan Release Dates

Air Jordan 13 OG – Side shot

Air Jordan 13 OG – Front angle shot

Air Jordan 13 OG – Rear angle shot

Air Jordan 13 OG – Sole shot

Air Jordan 13 Retro – Side shot

Air Jordan 13 Retro – Front angle shot

Air Jordan 13 Retro – Rear angle shot

Air Jordan 13 Retro – Sole shot

Hologram comparison – Age has gotten the best of the originals

Tongue comparison – OG tongue is the same soft leather used on the toe. Retro uses a poly-urethane (pleather) tongue that does not match toe.

Side comparison – The suede side panel meets the midsole at different places – hard to see, but a minor difference.

Rear comparison – White leather side panel nearly touches midsoles on the retros(right) while there is some noticeable space on the OGs(left).

Sole comparison – Painting job on the OG sole was clean and crisp – the same cannot be said for the retros…quite sloppy.

Sole comparison – Again you can see the paint job is pretty sloppy on the retros, but also the carbon fiber plates are slightly different. The OG one has a smoother consistancy whereas the retro plate looks more like carbon fiber.

Tag comparison – Tags are placed pretty much in the same place as the originals.

Insole Comparison – OG featured the jumpman and the retros have a special Countdown Package insole.

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