Air Jordan 1 “Family Forever”: Design Story

What would you get as a gift for Michael Jordan? This is a dilemma that MJ’s sons and daughter have faced their entire lives, especially on Father’s Day, when they are trying to show their dad appreciation. This year, the heirs of Jordan came up with the perfect gift, the Air Jordan 1 “Family Forever.” Collaborating with the JB designers to come up with a perfect sneaker design for the GOAT, the trio decided on an all-denim upper, since Michael Jordan is “just a regular jean guy.” With three-tone eyelets that represent the trio’s favorite colors and a North Carolina blue outsole, this ultra-special Air Jordan 1 is finished with the family’s motto, “If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.” Check out a short video that highlights the entire process and the Jordan family below, and pick up a pair for yourself on June 14th for $120.