Air Force Friday: Olympic Silver Metal

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Today’s Air Force Friday features the story of Allen Hogan, a Nice Kicks reader and Air Force 1 lover. Click here to learn the extreme determination and happy ending in Allen’s search for his ‘grail’ sneaker.

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Allen Hogan’s favorite Air Force 1 is the Olympic Silver Metal’s. The Silver Metal Air Force 1’s were released as part of a pack to represent the three Medals given out at the 2004 Athens Olympic games. Allen story begins when he recalls seeing the shoe on someone’s feet during the previously mentioned Olympics. He then thought to himself, “What in the world are those!” Since Allen wasn’t as deep into the shoe game as he is now, he had no idea about quickstrike releases. After that day, Allen was determined to find those sneakers, so he went to every sneaker spot in Boston but was not successful in capturing them. Allen states that was going crazy because he really wanted the kicks! He then went online to search for them, yet the prices were outrageous. Next, he found a couple auctions on eBay but lost every one of them. As fate would have it, five years later, he checked the internet and saw a dead stock pair for $120. He bought them as soon as he saw them. Furthermore, he found another pair on eBay for $100. He states that he is really lucky and deems those kicks his grails for life.

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