Agenda Report // Versus ATL Showcases Head-to-Toe Vintage

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Today, at Agenda Miami it’s all about the new-new. Well, almost all about the new-new. Versus ATL is standing out in a sea of sneakers and streetwear set to launch next spring by offering an amazing assortment of vintage heat ranging from kicks to jerseys to videos.

Catching our eye with multiple Air Jordan 1s (hailing from ’94 and ’85, respectively), the trio of Daniel, Leo and John joined forces in recent years to combine their collections that pull from the likes of eBay, Craigslist and more to stock what’s now a retail location loaded with heat. See some of our favorite pieces on display (and also for sale) in the photos below. Peep their shop online here.

OG Air Jordan 1s
’94 Air Jordan 1s and OG Air Jordan 6s
OG 1996 Dream Team Toy Set
OG Nike Air Flight Lite
OG Air Jordan 8s
OG Baby Reebok Answer 1s and OG Air Jordan 7s
Baby Jordans
Versus ATL

photos by Zaul Zamora

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