Agenda Report // Jim Jones’ Jersey & Sneaker Rotation

Nike Air Flight Huarache “Lakers”

The Nike Air Flight Huarache Lakers Is Available Now

Jim Jones: “The Shaq-Fu on the back! Shaq-Fu n*gga! These youngin’s don’t know nothing about Shaq-Fu. We got sauce drippin’. With this one and the Black Mamba jersey, I’ve been trying to find the Lakers Nike Air Flight Huarache, the model Chris Webber used to wear. If I can get a size 11, I’ll smoke the sh*t out of this jersey. That’s video outfit material if I get those shoes. If you’ve seen any of the old Dipset videos, we used to cut the jerseys in half and give ’em two looks. I’m gonna give ’em Shaq-Fu on the front and Black Mamba on the back.”

Check out Jim’s clothing line at New Vampire Life and keep up with Jim on IG.

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