Agenda Report // Champion Footwear Returns This Summer

Collaboration with Casbia has seen the iconic Champion logo back on sneaker shelves, literally and figuratively extending their brand beyond sweats. While high-end endorsement provided a taste, there is more to come from the brand on the footwear front this summer.

Ranging from slides styled to mismatch with friends to chunky runners and knit high tops, the designs releasing at retail come warmer weather are more focused on today’s trends rather than unarchiving hoops heat. Impressively, they manage to use real leather (sad but true, your favorite brands usually don’t and it shows) and also inject an amazing amount of brand DNA that shows on everything from the tagging to the footprint.

While we can’t show you pics just yet, we can let you know it’s on the way courtesy of what we previewed on the Agenda Las Vegas trade show floor.

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