Adrian Peterson’s Shoe Collection

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They call him “All Day,” “A.P.,” or just “Adrian,” but however you refer to him, the Vikings’ running back is one of the most dominant forces in the game of football. And thanks to this ESPN inveterview with Rachel Nichols, we now know that his shoe collection may be just as impressive as his on-field ability.

Peterson displayed a portion of his collection, which is as sloppily-kept as it is large. Interestingly enough, the collection was also extremely diverse, especially considering that Peterson is Nike‘s premier football spokesman. And if you thought that NBA players were the only athletes that required new shoes each game, think again, as the first half of the video covers A.D.’s on-field cleat preferences, which includes mid-game switches and sizing down for comfort. And you won’t believe what he claims to have spent on his collection in his lifetime.

Click here to see the video.

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