adidas Yeezy 451 Surfaces in a Slew of Styles

Last spring while on a Tweeting spree, Kanye West revealed a plethora of sneaker samples.

The most interesting? The adidas Yeezy 451 which has recently resurfaced.

Original adidas Yeezy 451 Sample

Designed in conjunction with industry vet Steven Smith, the shoe shows shades of some of the trail running shoes that are making waves outdoors while also resembling other oddities from years past.

Somewhat similar in styling to that of the Nike Air Breathe Hoop from the late ’90s or even some funky trail runners in regards to its stance, the spiky and rounded outsole is protruding in every way imaginable, extending to the upper and bowing out towards the heel.

In addition to its sturdy sole, a mesh upper with ‘veins’ aesthetically sees an odd performance spec in regards to a molded ankle collar devoid of a tongue.

To top it all off, a funky eyestay and almost unnecessary laces add just the type of contrast you’d expect on an oddity.

Release details are unknown for the adidas Yeezy 451. However, in West’s recent cover story for Forbes, photos and video reveled a slew of unreleased sample styles and colorways of the mysterious 451.

Styling ranges from triple-grey to neon to tangerine to graphic sock. Check ’em out below.

For the time being, stay tuned to Nice Kicks for updates on the Yeezy 451 release info.