adidas x PENSOLE “Earn Your Stripes” Diaries – Week 2

Following the World Sneaker Championship, PENSOLE has partnered with adidas for the Earn Your Stripes program. This three week design program focuses on finding and developing the next generation of adidas footwear designers. 15 creatives in the fields of footwear design, CMF and 3D digital design will work with adidas and D’Wayne Edwards as part of this one of a kind experience. These are their stories.

Monday: Day 6

For two days, Material Designer/Developer Suzette Henry, owner of MLAB, gave the class a crash course on the world of materials both natural and synthetic. Every product has a hierarchy coined as “The Hero” within a design. This is the one particular material that defines and showcases a design to its full potential. Working in tandem with our CMD (color/material designer) is crucial to a successful cohesive product line in order to tell a deeper story to the consumer.

Cody Blazek’s work space: AIT basketball (Andrew Wiggins) Work space of MLAB The class learning about materials Sarah and Cody from Team Wiggins went for a morning hike at Columbia River Gorge (she’s cantilevered several hundred feet in this picture over a cliff edge) Team Wiggins (Jacques not included) goes out for a coffee break