adidas x Arizona Iced Tea 99 Cent Pop Up Shop Shut Down by NYPD

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In the spirit of summer, collaboration and definitely viral capabilities, Arizona Iced Tea and adidas teamed up to release a four-pack of Yung-1 and Continental 80 sneakers for the low-low.

Just how low? 99 cents a pair.

While the daytime pop-up pulled more young men with singles to spend than ever seen during daylight hours, it also caused a good amount of chaos as the NYPD were forced to shut it down — word to Onyx.

According to Business Insider, the pop-up shop was shut down due to safety concerns and apparent brawls. It is reported that both a 15-year-old male and a 17-year-old female were injured and that there was already a line around the block at 4 AM. In case anyone was wondering, hurting people for sneaker is not, never has been and never will be cool.

Regarding the mayhem, the beverage company addressed the controversy on social.

At this moment, the release remedy is unknown. Of interest, Hypebeast reports that pairs are reselling on StockX for $200 which is a pretty wild margin.

Peep pics of the pack below from our own Rob Mata.

UPDATE: Adidas has released a formal statement on the pop-up stating it’s been shut down which you can read below:

“Both adidas and AriZona are grateful for those who came out and apologize for any inconvenience caused as a result of the shutdown. In an effort to prioritize the safety of fans and consumers, all parties made the decision to close the event with the support of local authorities.”

“The collaboration will still be available to the public at a later time. Please visit and for real-time updates.”

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