Next Year’s “Triple White” adidas Ultra Boost is New & Improved

Jul 6, 2016 | Ian Stonebrook |



Saying the adidas Ultra Boost is the best shoe ever is a major stretch, but is it really that much of a reach? Sure, it doesn’t have the cultural cache of an Air Jordan 11 and it’s far from time tested like a Chuck Taylor, but flaws are few on the young silo. Really built to run and leading the lifestyle game at the moment, the shoe is performing mighty fine for The Three Stripes.

While overseas exclusives have unique appeal, the runway favorite for most popular colorway is still undoubtably the “Triple White” makeup. Propelled by Kanye West wear and made available by an abundant amount of restocks, the shoe is apparently undergoing revamps for what’s called the 2017 iteration. A clear cage and marbled Primeknit prove the big changes. Is this take an upgrade? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: IrieSupreme of NikeTalk


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