Adidas Superstar CLR

Adidas continues great things with the great Superstar. This trans generational, trans cultural sneaker continues to be the focus of creativity in the Adidas lab and this summer’s lineup is no different. One of the gems from the lineup is this, the Adidas Superstar CLR or “Superstar Clear.”

If this shoe looks a little familiar, then you probably have been into sneakers for more than just a couple years. That’s because in 2002 there was a limited release of the Adidas CLR in two color ups but rather than a color-tinted translucent sole, the Superstar sported a clear sole. Six years later one can only imagine how yellow these soles and shell toe would look.

Adidas has their full lineup of upcoming Shell Toe’s posted that include many versions on the 1969 classic including Vintage, Skate, CLR, and many more.

Adidas Superstar CLR – White/Blue

Adidas Superstar CLR – White/Blue

Adidas Superstar CLR – White/Blue

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