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Much like the EQT collection currently in the midst of a triumphant second lifespan, adidas is hoping to do the same with the foundational Climacool silhouette.

Emerging today in contemporary form and dubbed the adidas Climacool 2/17, the model undertakes a complete overhaul starting with a slimmed frame angled downwards whereas its predecessor was slightly more boxy.  But it’s not all new; the shoe does feature ventilated mesh which tracks back to the shoes original build. Thicker midsole tooling is a shift towards modern territory while the outsole features partial translucent construction further aiding in the presence of newness.

What are your thoughts on the new adidas Climacool 2/17? Take a look below and share your thoughts.

adidas Climacool 2/17
adidas Climacool 2/17

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