adidas Products Will Use Only Recycled Plastics by 2024

Jul 16, 2018 | Matthew Barron |



Lead image by Matthew Barron

In a report early this morning, adidas announced its plans to commit to using only recycled plastics by 2024.

Adidas’ products range from sports bras to sneakers to everything in between, each currently made with polyester infused “virgin” plastic. This type of fabric is popular in sportswear manufacturing because of its light weight and quick-drying properties.

The German giant expects to save 40 tons of plastic per year by removing virgin plastic from its offices, retail outlets, warehouses and distribution centers with progress towards the ultimate goal starting this year.

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen adidas step closer in the process of going green. Over the past year, the Three Stripes have collaborated with Parley to release several new sneakers, complete with special events and nationwide branding activations. Accompanying their announcement, adidas expects to see a jump to five million Parley pairs sold this year compared to one million in 2017.

With such high expectations, we may be seeing grailed Three Stripes releases with Parley branding even sooner than previously expected. In all fairness, who’s to say Kanye and Pharrell aren’t for using recycled plastics in manufacturing their sneakers or at least will be in the future?

Starting immediately, it will be interesting to see how recycled plastics work their way past sneakers and into athletic apparel. Sustainably manufacturing sneakers, clothing and soon, official team jerseys, adidas continues to make going green look easy.

Source: CNN