Adidas Invites Digital Creators to Contribute to the Prada re-source NFT Project

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Web3 is here and although many brands have already launched themselves into the Metaverse, a lot of them are missing the point. The adidas for Prada re-source Project is the first venture that is headed in the right direction, as the duo invites aspiring creatives to contribute to a user-generated NFT project.

Adidas and Prada are asking for people to submit anonymous phtos to kickstart this one-of-a-kind Metaverse venture. The top 3,000 pieces of community-sourced art will serve as tiles that make up a mega patchwork NFT designed by creative coder and digital artist, Zach Liberman.

“As an artist, you think about different ways to make something permanent,” said Liberman. “It’s really magical to think the work we make together through this project will be permanently recorded.”

Zach Liberman has been championed by global business outlets like Fast Company and has been awarded multiple titles including the Golden Nica from Ars Electronica, Interactive Design of the Year from Design Museum London, and Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of the Year. As a co-creator of openFrameworks, Liberman is an advocate for creating pathways to digital artwork as he teaches the possibilities of code through his School for Poetic Computation and the Future Sketches Group at MIT’s Media Lab.

We applaud Liberman’s endeavor with adidas and Prada as it uplifts the community aspect of the Metaverse, which is already seeming to fade in the new world of Web3. It’s completely free to participate in the project and contributors will maintain full ownership rights over their individual NFT tiles.

Adidas for Prada re-source will be utilizing blockchain Polygon Web3, with the 3,000 tiles being minted into a single NFT that will be auctioned off on SuperRare, a pioneering marketplace for curated NFT artworks. Primary profits from the sale will be going to climate-focused organizations Slow Factory and UNESCO Sea Beyond. A portion of the sales will be split between the users that created the individual tiles. These artists will also profit from any secondary sales of Liberman’s final NFT, each time it is sold. Furthermore, adidas and Prada will acknowledge all 3,000 of the individual artworks used to make the final NFT project, by minting each tile as its own NFT that each contributor will own and can sell on the secondary market.

Each tile and the final NFT will be inspired by the Prada Re-Nylon collection – a sustainable luxury sportswear collection, released in collaboration with adidas, that is crafted with Prada’s signature recyclable Re-Nylon fabric.

Starting on January 24th, users can register for a digital wallet so they can participate in the adidas For Prada re-source NFT Project. After a small waitlist period, 3,000 contributors will be selected at random, with half of the users being those who previously participated in adidas’ “Into The Metaverse” NFT. Once the 3,000 users are selected, they will have the option to mint their entry as an NFT, free of cost, between January 26-27. The final adidas For Prada re-source NFT designed by Zach Liberman will sell at the SuperRare auction from January 28th – 31st. Visit for more information.

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