Accept & Proceed and Nike Design and Implement Recycled Basketball Courts in Belgrade

Nike’s push towards a “Move to Zero” sustainability initiative has led to many innovative products, but perhaps none more interesting than their recent project in Belgrade, Serbia. In collaboration with London design agency Accept & Proceed, the Swoosh has celebrated the opening of renovated parks through a brand new basketball court and playground using 20000 recycled sneakers.

This past September, Nike unveiled a revamped basketball court and playground designed by Accept & Proceed. Previously, the two partnered together to generate a cohesive, integrated expressive system for Nike’s sustainability initiatives. Through such recreation areas, the city of Belgrade and distribution partner Sport Time Balkans aim to promote sport and play for the local communities.

“With Nike Belgrade, we evolved the visual language we had developed for Nike’s Move to Zero identity by incorporating bespoke Serbian lettering in the court markings to celebrate New Belgrade’s local community. We had an interesting exercise that challenged our thinking of spaces for sport: what if we break down the essential ingredients of a basketball court and reimagine the traditional court layout? How can we create a fun and unexpected space, whilst retaining legibility and playability? It was fascinating to come up with the different elements of lettering that can inform another function, like a free-throw or half court line, and even more exciting to think that the design will not only inform the players’ movements, but influence the community spirit and energy of Block 70.”

Nigel Cottier, Principal Designer, Accept & Proceed.

Look for Nike and Accept & Proceed to continue bolstering their sustainability initiatives as a move to carbon-neutral looks more and more viable. Be sure to check out photos below of the new court renovations.

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