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Who’s the best rebounder to ever play the game? Dennis Rodman, of course. Affectionately known as The Worm, The Hall of Famer’s credentials are as decorated as his wardrobe choices, with seven rebound titles, seven 1st Team All-NBA Defensive selections, five Championship rings and two Defensive Player of the Year Awards to his name. Over the course of his 14-year NBA career, Rodman was defined as the chairman of the boards, and will be remembered as perhaps the greatest to ever rebound. What about his shoes, though? While he mixed it up with heels on a few occasions off court, he was strictly business on the court when it came to kicks. On Rodman’s 53rd birthday, we take a look back at the heat Rodman rocked from Nike, Reebok, and Converse over the course of his career.

Nike Air Revolution

(photo via Mis Zapas)

Rodman’s blue collar play was a perfect fit for the Motor City. In his early days as a “Bad Boy,” he would rock the Air Revolution. Oddly enough, it was after Detroit that he would be publicly known as one, and yes, the revolution would be televised.

Dennis Rodman in the Nike Air Revolution

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