A Chronological Look at Printed Foamposite Releases

Nike continues to push the envelope with one the most recognizable technologies the brand has ever created. The Foamposite demanded attention, whether loved or hated, since its inception, and continues to be the product of Nike’s forward thinking in regard to design. Lately, the Foamposite has become more graphic, but when did this trend start? Take a look at our chronological history of printed Foamposites and see how the trend has evolved.

Nike Air Foamposite Lite “Kryptonate”

Released: March 2009

Although not as heavily marked as some of the most recent Foam releases, the “Kryptonate” Lite was the first Foamposite to feature any kind of imprint on its shell. Nate Robinson’s surprise wear of this Foamposite Lite in the 2009 Slam Dunk Contest undeniably solidified this shoe as one of the first extremely hyped Foamposite releases, along with the “Eggplant” Foams that released a month prior.