Throwback Thursday: 7 Turf Sneakers That Should Return From Retirement

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For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we had to do something a little more special. ?The news of Brett Favre returning to the NFL (again) has taken over ESPN, hit many news networks, and now made its way to your favorite sneaker site. ?Alright, to be honest, Brett Favre isn’t the focus of this article, but he does get his due for inspiring us to compose a list of our favorite Nike Turf sneakers of yesteryear.

Since Favre can go in and out of retirement with the snap of a finger (or knee), can’t we wish for a few turf sneaker legends to come out of retirement too? ?Click here to see the 7 turf sneakers that should return from retirement.

Nike Air Pro Streak Max (photo credit)

Worn by the dynamic Charles Woodson during his days at the University of Michigan, the Nike Air Pro Streak propelled Woodson to a Heisman Trophy Award and National Championship. In the Pro Streak?s Woodson became the first and only defensive player to win the award upsetting Tennessee?s Peyton Manning.

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