7 Shoes That Will Dominate Summer 2016

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Is it hot outside or is it just all these great sneaker releases? Corny jokes almost all but aside, the spring season was consistent with an uppercase “C” when it came to shoe launches. Still, it looks like the usually slow summer could be just as good or maybe even better.

Why is that? There’s a lot to be excited about. With rings making their way to Cleveland and Boost continuing to reach new heights, there’s also plenty of retros to get excited about and the Olympics.

So, while Summer ’16 will be full of plenty of solid shoes from a wide array of brands, the way we see it only seven will dominate. Here they are and give us your picks in the comments section.

Nike KD 9

Nike KD 9 Zero

$35 dollars says KD stays in OKC this summer, but for $150 you can get his new shoe. Not a bad deal either way. While previous KDs have pushed the price envelope and played with off-genre influence, the KD 9 is all ball and as high tech as it gets. Flyknit that looks snug and Zoom Air that looks retooled is enough to have Ekins jumping for joy. At first look, these appear to the be the modern basketball shoe that can win over Professor K and the Tumblr teens alike.

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