5 Things We Hope to See at Yeezy Season 2

Today, Kanye West is debuting Yeezy Season 2 at New York Fashion Week. The followup to his original collection with adidas will be broadcasted live in theaters throughout the country (click here for area and ticket info) and will provide a preview for the Kanye clothes and kicks for months to come. While we’ve already seen a few previews on Kanye and Kim, we’ve got a few wishes we’re hoping for come Yeezy Season 2. Check out our picks and let us know yours.

More Tan

photos by Larry Busacca and Frazer Harrison for Getty Images via Zimbio

If the VMAs and Kim K’s IG are any indication, tan, or rather beige, will be a big part of Yeezy Season 2. So far we’ve seen it on Kanye’s head-to-toe tan outfit (sidebar, my sis called this look about eight months ago) capped off by the “Beige” Boost 350s along with Kim’s Yeezy Season 2 heels. How about this same styling on a pair of 750s? The grey introduction was a sportier stance then some may have expected, but still a nice neutral that played well with wardrobes of each and every variety. A tan or beige Boost 750 would be another awesome look with great range to dress up or dress down.

New Textures

photo via eBay

Truth be told, it seems a little early for new silos. Thus far, only one colorway of the 750 has dropped, with only two takes down for the 350s and the Duck Boot still set to debut at retail. While new colorways are certainly on the horizon for all three models, a welcomed addition to the already existing silos would be new textures on each style. Velour on a 750? Engineered mesh on a 350 (maybe even at a lower cost)? These are all just ideas, but it appears Kanye already has winning designs on his hand that still have at least another year in them. More material plays would be a good way to keep the run fun and interesting.

Entry Level Items

photo via Louis Vuitton

Much like Jay Z spoke (and worked) his Sinatra status into existence, the Louis Vuitton Don has done the same. From nickname to brand name, Kanye West has become the designer for instant (or Insta) steeze, outfitting young fashionables and artists on the rise just like the houses and household names before him. Known to rock a backpack in the stylistic and metaphorical sense during his early days, LV’s accessories like belts and wallets offered a nice entry for fans of the brand who weren’t down to drop an arm and a leg on coat or luggage. Whether it be blank tees or caps, it’d be cool to see a stocking stuffer from Yeezy Season 2 that cost less than the sneakers or outerwear.

New Music

photo via Consequence of Sound

Aside from seeing Kanye’s new collection of clothes at the Yeezy Season 1 Show, what was as or more exciting was hearing “Wolves” for the first time — an unreleased collaboration with Vic Mensa and Sia then said to be the opening track off So Help Me God/SWISH. In the span of his decade plus career, Kanye has helped the creative climb the cool ladder to new heights, seen in sneakers in fashion by the way all walks of life look to artists for style cues as opposed to athletes or even business mavens in years past. Kanye’s ability to express himself is arguably his most admirable attribute, and while it’s well executed through clothes the music still means so much.

More Womenswear

photo via Kim Kardashian

In general and especially in high fashion, more clothes are genderless. That’s cool and some nice artistic commentary on gender roles and equality. Thus far, the Yeezy Boost 350 has been adapted by all though dropped in men’s sizes. With womenswear of the athletic variety previewed in Season 1 and Kim K donning heels from Season 2 already it appears more will be made just for the ladies. That’s a good conversation starter for anyone interested in fashion with easier talking points.

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