5 Minutes with DJ Clark Kent

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The man loves his Airs and has had his hand in the design of a few too. Well, much beyond the eight Air Force Ones he has designed (Video Music Box, 3 NYC Team, 2 Phoenix ASG, 112 Pack, Black Friday), the 112 Pack illustrated that Clark knows sneakers.

We caught up with the one and only DJ Clark Kent for our second installment of the “5 Minutes With” series.

What shoes are Clark’s favorite? What is he wearing right now? What about when did he know he was hooked. Click here to find out answers to that and much more.

My name is: DJ Clark Kent AKA “Brooklyn’s Finest” aka “The NY Giant” aka “GOD’s Favorite DJ”

I represent: Brooklyn, Panama & the ATF Crew

I knew I was hooked on kicks when: every time I bought a pair I asked the salesman, “Can I have 2 pair, just in case I mess this pair up?” (That started around 1984..)

Right now I am wearing: Michael Lau “CRAZY” 1 World Air Force 1.

My favorite shoe I don’t own is: Kobe Denim Air Force 1 P.E. – I wore mine and gave them away. (Anybody selling size 13, 12.5 or 12.. HOLLA AT ME!!!!!)

My top 3 of all time are:
White/White Air Force 1 (Supreme)
“Mr. Cartoon” Air Force 1 (with Spider Webs)
Stash/Futura Air Force 1 (Friends & Family)

I am really looking forward to: The rest of the 1World Series, and the Fall 2009 Air Force 1 releases

Shops you can find me in include:
21 Mercer NSW (NYC)
Concepts (Boston)
Shoe Gallery (Miami)
Vinnies Styles (Brooklyn)
Salvin’s (Hartford, Conn)
Packers (NJ)
Transit (NYC)
Alife Rivington Club (NYC)
Premium Goods (Brooklyn)
Undefeated (L.A.)
Nort/Recon (NYC)

If i wasn’t a DJ, I would: probably be out of my mind.. I AM MUSIC !!!

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