5 Minutes with Big Sean

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If you haven’t heard of Detroit’s Big Sean, you will very soon. As as recent signee to Kanye’s GOOD Music label and the Island/Def Jam conglomerate, you know the kid is for real.

His single “Getcha Some” and his latest mixtape banger, UKNOWBIGSEAN, hosted by another “5 Minutes With” alum, DJ Mick Boogie, are already blowing up spots across the nation.

In between the promo tours and video shoots, we got a chance to catch up with the young emcee and talk about sneakers. Shouts to AZ and the Burn Rubber crew for all their support.

Click here to meet the one and only, Big Sean.

Name: My name is Big Sean. Reppin GOOD Music/Island Def Jam. FF 2 DEF!

Where you represent: Detroit! All day.

Shoe that got you hooked to the game: Jordans (early ones only though), Nikes, etc. I’m loving the Yeezy’s right now too. Thank God they sent them to me because they overcharge like a bitch!

What?s on your feet right now: House shoes, lol. But I rock the Jordan 7’s, 6’s, 4’s, 8’s, 9’s (olive & black), 13’s, (Flint Blue), 11’s (Space Jams), and the Yeezy’s. Them Ken Griffey’s are on some other shit too. I remember I used to love those.

Last pair(s) you purchased: The 7’s. The Raptor colorway ones. Came out in like ’02 or ’03. Had to go back and cop those, lol.

Pair are you still looking for: I want the Ray Allen 8’s but not paying that much for them lol. I like those a lot though.

Top 3 Sneakers of All-Time: Red/Black 6’s (OG), Aqua 8’s (OG), cant decide for the 3rd one. That’s a tough ass question, lol.

Amount of pairs you own: Probably about 30 pair of shoes. Nothin’ too serious. I got some shit though lol. Don’t test me, lol.

Hottest sneaker trend right now: I think straps are really popular right now…tucking the bottom of your jeans behind the tongue of the shoe. Another is wearing them real loose, if not tied at all.

Most tired sneaker trend right now: Over-accessorizing your shoes…different laces, lace locks, adding designs, paint, etc. All that shit is just played to me.

If you weren?t a rapper you would probably be a…Student trying to get my life together…

Favorite spots to shop at: Bape, BBC/Ice Cream, Flight Club, Burn Rubber, Leaders, Undefeated, etc.

One thing that you dislike about the shoe game: How expensive some of these shoes are piss me off. Doesn’t make sense sometimes.

Sorry to hear the Detroit Pistons are out – who you got in the NBA Finals? Cavs! Lebron shits on people!!!

Anything else you want to tell our readers? Finally Famous the Album is [coming out] later this year.? Bout to drop a few videos, and promo songs, etc. I also just did a mixtape with DJ MICK BOOGIE & GOOD MUSIC called “UKNOWBIGSEAN”.? Hopefully by the end of the mixtape people can have a better understanding of who I am.? It’s been getting alot of good reviews.? I really hope people like and enjoy the FREE MUSIC I worked hard to give them.

I appreciate every eye and ear I can get, thank you. [It] Would mean the world if people could just take a min or two and download the FREE mixtape I worked soooo hard on.? I promise you’ll like something on there, and you can get it free HERE And come hit me at www.uknowbigsean.com. I’m on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc.? It’s all on my site.? Thank you and get ready for the album! GOOD/Def Jam. Yessir!


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