My 5: Emilio Rojas’ Sneaker Rotation

Last Thursday, Emilio Rojas impressed longtime fans and made new ones at our Inaugural South By Nice Kicks Showcase. Far from a freshman in the sneaker game, his rotation ranges from running shoes older than his peers to footwear made strictly for strutting. So, what?s the Rochester rapper rocking when he?s rolling with the likes of Rick Ross or stunting at a special occasion? Read on to find out.

Nike Air Max 1 White/Red-Grey

Emilio Rojas: “I have tons of them from years ago. I have the OGs. Mine are yellow. I don?t like to buy re-issues man. I feel like I?m cheating. I f*ck with Jordan retros, but that?s just ’cause I like the Jordan retros. I don?t mess with the Air Max retros because you can get the OGs if you look hard enough.”

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