My 5: Desus & Mero’s Sneaker Rotation

The Kid Mero’s Most Memorable Sneaker Story

The Kid Mero: “When the 11s dropped, I literally called my pops and told him, “Pops, I hate Jordan but I’ve never seen pleather on a shoe before. These sh*ts are fire, I need them.” My Pops was always down to buy me sneakers but I always had to do something in return. So, I worked for him for weeks, woke up early on the weekends to work with him to earn them. By the time I had earned them and went to the stores, they were sold out everywhere. They were sold out to the point where stores were putting signs up in the window stating: “We don’t have these, don’t come in here.” We drove around the entire Bronx, all through Washington Heights, everywhere; and I never got them. That had to be a major disappointment for me as a child.”

Desus Nice’s Memorable Sneaker Story

Desus Nice: “I once went on a date with a girl in a pair of Foamposites that were a size too small and halfway through the date, which was a concert, I had to take my shoes off and just stand there in my socks. I was hoping she wouldn’t notice because my feet were hurting so much, but she definitely was like, “I saw you take off your shoes.” My only reaction was, “Damn, you caught me, Ma.””

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