3 Teens Arrested After Beating Up Man for his Air Jordans

Argh.  When will this stop?

Nashua police charged three men with assaulting another man over Air Jordans.

The charged individuals all live in Lawrence, MA – a small town north of Boston near the New Hampshire border. They were identified as:

  • Anderson Thompson, 19
  • Christopher Francisco, 19
  • Fray Cayetano, 19,

The trio of teens were charged with felony-level robbery.

Police said on Tuesday, a man reported he met the three men to sell them the Jordans. Police said the three teens assaulted him instead of going through with the transaction and stole other apparel valued at about $3,000.

Thankfully, the victim was not seriously hurt, according to police.

We urge all of our readers to be SAFE when handling transactions in person.  Many police departments are allowing and in some cases encouraging for meet-ups at their stations.  We cannot recommend this enough to anyone who feels uncertain about a transaction they are about to make in person.

Stay safe.

Source: Patch