1 ON 1 // Rookie De’Aaron Fox Talks Nike Deal, Jersey Style & Favorite Kobes

Nov 22, 2017 | Nick DePaula |



words & interview // Nick DePaula
producer // Ray Polanco Jr.


As De’Aaron Fox rose from a hotel lobby chair in mid September for an introductory handshake, there’s an immediate bounce to his step and a presence to his 19 year-old smile. Unlike most rookies working their way through a series of summer-long interviews about their leap to the pro level, Fox is eager and beaming.

That could also be because the noted gamer was discussing his just-revealed NBA 2K rating with a friend. He’s been playing the video game series since the fourth grade, and even credits the “pro mode” for shaping his real life court vision on the hardwood.

“97 for Speed!” said Fox. “Third fastest – only behind John Wall and Westbrook — not bad!”

While all rookies will have to eventually improve their overall rating in the game through the course of a season, it’s that speed and court vision of Fox’s that also made him such a coveted prospect entering this summer’s NBA Draft, where he was selected fifth overall by the Sacramento Kings.

At a lean 6’4″, Fox is a relatively relatable size for kids watching, but he’s also able to finish at the rim, exploding into the lane for his trademark lefty tomahawks. His game on the court, along with his noted sharpness and excitement for marketing, is exactly the mix of skills, personality and potential that the athletic and entertainment industry’s biggest brands are looking for in endorsers, every single draft.

With adidas, Nike and Under Armour all heavily courting Fox throughout the spring, we caught up with De’Aaron to hear all about the process of signing one of the biggest shoe deals of the rookie class. The 5-year pact with Nike will feature him in Kings jersey promos throughout the season thanks to the brand’s new uniform rights deal, and you can also look for De’Aaron to break out a variety of custom Kobe models in team hues and special themes.

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