What People Wore at ComplexCon

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Photography by Christian Smiley

If you’ve ever wondered what modern day subcultures look like in today’s age of digital media, there’s only one place you should be looking towards for the most vibrant expression of them all — ComplexCon. Complex Magazine’s festival is a cultural blender of pop culture, fashion and music lovers (and “Young kids with ideas that are going to change the world,” said Don C) from all over.

It’s where the people come in and where the outfits come out.

The whole fest is packed with celebrities, influencers and various cultural icons (and of course, resellers), but the best part is that after only a few hours on the convention floors, it takes more than a first impression to differentiate GA ticket holders from A-listers as just about everyone’s ‘fit had some heat to it.

We took some time at the Long Beach show to record some of these outfits in their natural environments. Check out our favorite looks from the weekend below and let us know what you think of them.

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Women’s Style



Men’s Style



Special thanks to Complex Media

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