Warren Lotas Reaps No Rewards After Nike Lawsuit Conclusion

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It’s been a few weeks since the last update in the Lawsuit of the Year: Warren Lotas vs. Nike. While we don’t have updates as exciting as our previous stories, now we take a look into the case’s aftermath. According to court documents, Lotas could have profited massively though ends up losing about $2M at the end of proceedings.

It seems that Warren refunded more orders than thought, as his refunds topped $10 Million. That comes out to roughly 36,000 orders for the Nike replica pairs which were priced at $300 each. Apparently, Warren’s representatives have asked the ruling court to reconsider their decision, noting the financial fallout that he would suffer. He’s fully aware that he can’t sell any more Reaper shoes, but he wants to fulfill orders still not refunded. In this request he details that there was no exclusive decision made on the replacement shoes which he offered customers.

While Lotas may have a point in that there was no decision made on the Reapers themselves, we expect it lacks merit. The court’s injunction stated that he cannot gain any notoriety for his brand as a result of the imitation Dunks. Whether he meant it or not, WL gained attention towards his brand as a result of this entire situation. We’re sure Nike won’t be happy to hear Warren is coming back to the courts to have a final say. That said, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them try and stop his efforts in a final fell swoop.

As a case with many twists, stay up to date with the developments in this with Nice Kicks as always.

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