Vans Announces New Premium Category, OTW by Vans

From the streets of Anaheim to the runways of Paris, Vans has come a long way. With the next generation in mind, the heritage skate brand launches a new premium category, OTW by Vans. Dedicated to art, design, style, skate culture and entertainment, OTW by Vans is the future home for the brand’s most elevated products, collaborations, and brand experiences.

Developed by Ian Ginoza, OTW by Vans aims to push the boundaries and challenge conventions, inspired by Vans’ core “Off The Wall” ethos. With its skateboarding origins and counterculture instinct, OTW by Vans has set out to deliver a unique point of view and distinct creative direction.

With the launch of OTW by Vans, the brand’s Vault by Vans chapter will closing by the end of 2023, making way for the launch of OTW by Vans in early 2024. OTW by Vans will have its own distinctive e-commerce experience and availability at a curated selection of wholesale partners globally.

We are rooting the next chapter of Vans in the attitude and mindset of the brand’s true self, defined and shaped by the community of original disruptors. Skateboarding embraced us many years ago from the fringe to drive culture forward.

Every step forward will be embedded in that original spirit of defiance and exploration as the pioneers and trailblazers of skateboarding did many years ago and that skateboarders continue to do today. OTW by Vans is a reorientation back to who we truly are… back to ‘Off The Wall.’

-Ian Ginoza, Vice President, Creative Direction for Pinnacle.

Pinnacle apparel and footwear will be presented in two distinct lines under the new category: OTW and Premium Standard.

The OTW line will be dedicated to product exploration with collaborators to push the edges of design expression. Whereas Premium Standard will be an elevated premium collection of classics from Vans’ beloved range of iconic silhouettes.

Both categories will be overseen by the OTW by Vans team appointed by Ginoza, including Design Directors Dylan Petrenka and Lanie Alabanza-Barcena. Petrenka will manage footwear and Alabanza-Barcena will take care of apparel and accessories.

OTW by Vans will welcome new collaborators, leading with S.R. STUDIO LA. CA. by Sterling Ruby, whose debut release will launch in early 2024.

OTW by Vans x S.R. STUDIO LA. CA. by Sterling Ruby via @otwbyvans

It is a personal collaboration; it is the first SR. STUDIO. LA. CA. collaboration. Vans feels right to us, it defines a certain West Coast history. The company started in 1966 and has run in tandem to so many skaters, bands, and movements that have been influential to me, my art, and how my studio runs as a whole.

-Sterling Ruby

Leading up to the OTW by Vans retail launch, there will be brand activations at high-visibility global moments, with the kickoff including a live skate exhibition designed in partnership with PLAYLAB, INC. and California Skateparks, that took place at Paris Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2024.

Look for the OTW by Vans to launch at the beginning of 2024. For more sneaker news and release dates, follow @NiceKicks on Instagram.

OTW by Vans activation at Paris Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2024 via @otwbyvans

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