EXCLUSIVE: Trae Young On Changing His Adidas Logo and His Latest Signature Sneaker

The Atlanta Hawk breaks down the details behind the Adidas Trae 3.

The NBA season is still months away, Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young is ready to haunt defenses and silence opposing crowds in his latest signature shoe — the Adidas Trae 3.

The NBA All-Star stepped off the court for an exclusive interview with Nice Kicks to discuss the reasoning behind his new logo, the lifestyle influences of the Trae 3, and how he feels about celebs like Timothée Chalamet hooping in his sneaker.

Nice Kicks: You recently unveiled your new logo and the Adidas Trae 3 will be your first shoe featuring it. What went into the creation of it and what was the deciding factor to retire the original one?

Trae Young: I think somebody saw it looked too similar to something, so they got mad. We had to change it, but we’re good now.

We were looking at a bunch of different ideas for the new logo. We just ultimately came up with this. It just stuck out to me. The design looks really cool. And this one, nobody has it. So that was the difference between this one and the last one. This is the one that’s staying.

NK: We saw the unveiling of the Adidas Trae 3 on Instagram with your father and your son, and this is your first shoe to be developed after you became a father. How impactful is this particular model given it’s being released during such a big shift in your life?

TY: This is a really cool shoe. Even having my brother in this shoot was important to me. I’m glad that he was able to be a part of it.

It’s important because I just want everybody to be able to rock these from adults that are my age, but also kids. That’s the most important because I remember being that same kid. I definitely remember those things when making these shoes and giving my opinions and thoughts on things.

NK: The design features elements seen on other adidas models, most notably the Adilette 22 Slide. How much input did you have in the design of this shoe and what are some of your favorite elements of the shoe’s design?

TY: [Adidas] obviously brings ideas to the table. I tell them if I like it or don’t. [The Adilette 22 Slide] was one of the ideas when they brought the first model out and what they compared it to. They were talking about the cushion’s softness in the heel and how it would make your foot feel.

And for me, I’m always running and cutting, so it’s important to me to have that type of feel and comfort too.

NK: Favorite colorway of your Adidas Trae 3 so far?

TY: I don’t have a favorite yet. I got to see what they look like on the court with my jerseys on because I’m going to put every color on, so I need to see what they look like on the court. I’m ready for it.

NK: Any colorways you’re looking to continue from the Trae 1 or Trae 2 onto the Trae 3?

TY: I like the teal color and the light blue colors. We’ll usually have a light blue color for every shoe.

NK: With a lineup of Harden, Lillard, Yourself, Donovan, D Rose, and soon Anthony Edwards, is there any notable camaraderie between the Adidas guys or even maybe a playful rivalry of who has the best Adidas shoe?

TY: I mean, not like a rivalry type of thing. We don’t always talk about it. We always check on each other. I talk to Don. Me and Don probably talk more than Dame and James.

We all know each other. We all see each other and congratulate each other whenever we get these types of things because it’s really cool just to have your own shoe. We’re all pulling for each other and hope for success when we all get these types of things.

NK: Is it safe to say this is your favorite shoe so far?

TY: It’s going to be hard to beat my Trae 1, but this is definitely competing with it. I think any shoe that comes out after my Trae 1 — it’s going to be hard to beat my first shoe ever just because it’s the first.

But this is definitely competing with it because this is tough and they feel so comfortable, so that’s the best part.

NK: Timothée Chalamet was recently spotted hooping with Adam Sandler in the Trae 2. What is it like seeing everyday celebrities wear your shoes to hoop in?

TY: It’s cool. It’s an honor. It’s kind of surreal sometimes seeing certain guys wear them and playing. I am a fan of most of these guys that put it on too, so it’s really cool to see the support. I try to make cool shoes that people like them will wear.

The Adidas Trae 3 is available now in “Artic Night” and “Black/White” for $140 on Adidas.com with more colorways expected to roll out during the 2023 NBA season.

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